Worshipful Master of Overseas Military Lodge

Dale Euga


Lodge News/ Masters Message

Greetings Brothers:

The June Communication will have the Master Mason Degree conferred upon two worthy and well qualified Brothers. I ask that ALL BROTHERS OF THIS LODGE that are reading this message, if within the length of your cable-tow, attend the degree. The times and date of this communication are posted in this message. There is plenty of time to make arrangements to be at this event in support of our new Master Masons. Let us not have another really poor showing in the gallery as we did for the Fellow Craft Degree.

In addition to the above notice, there will be some serious business and announcements regarding events while we are still dark that we will address in the lodge. Please give your attention and assistance.

Change of Command for the Color Guard is now in effect. Brother Nathan Mulcahy is now in command and Brother Joe Bennett is continuing as the CG Armorer. It has been an honor and privilege to serve as the CG Commander and I sincerely thank all members that have given their time and commitment to this all important detail. There were many acco- lades for the letter perfect performance of the color guard at the Grand Lodge Annual and at the banquet and I thank the members of the detail. We now have enough members to com- pose two complete teams and I look forward to the continuing expansion and perfection of the drill team under Brother Mulcahy’s most capable hands.

We have a golf outing at the Agawam Hunt Club on June 14th and if you are attending, it is very important that you contact Brother Mulcahy to make arrangements. This outing is open to friends and others outside the lodge. Please,.....no ladies.

This is the final Master’s Message before we go dark. Keep in mind that we have activi- ties during this period and if you intend on participating it will be incumbent on you to make sure that personal arrangements are planned for in advance. I wish all of you a safe and wonderful summer with your loved ones. Please be vigilant with situation awareness and we shall see you again in September. Until then....

Yours in the Craft, Dale P. Euga, Worshipful Master 


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Annual: Veterans Day 11 November.


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