Worshipful Master of Overseas Military Lodge

Manfred Diel Jr

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Lodge News/ Masters Message

Greetings Brothers:

Our move to Jenks seems to have been relatively seamless and we have been fortunate to score a storage room that is not only adjacent to the lodge room but also large enough to accommodate all of our belongings and treasures. I would like to thank all of the

members that have contributed to the move and the handling of the logistics. It will be a pleasure to meet in a place that conforms to the usual layout of a lodge room. Additionally, there has been an abundance of rumors that we have a lot of material and records and other belongings of the lodge that have been kept in the custody of several brothers. It is time to return all materials back to the lodge so that we can have a final accounting of what we have and display our artifacts. If you are keeping something in your custody, please inform W. Joe Bennett or myself.

The Master Mason degree will be conferred at our October communication. This is a special moment for our new Masons and I am asking that every member of the lodge be present for this special evening. I will also be inviting the Brothers of Jenks Lodge to attend and participate in the play. Proficiency in delivering the degree is a matter of commitment that originates in the East. Our Fellow-craft presentation was definitely not up to the standards that we should have delivered. Having said that, I am scheduling extra rehearsals for this degree. Since most of the participants are Past Masters, I am anticipating that one or more of these rehearsals may be cancelled depending on the proficiency of the

participants. We shall see.
In the nature of my business, I spend a lot of time on the highways and continue to

witness road rage and other craziness. Every September the highways become even more crowded and tempers fray more easily. If you find yourself becoming agitated, try to

remember to take a deep breath and just let it go because if you can’t do that, the angst will take a toll on you. It isn’t worth it. Try to let your mind wander a bit and keep in mind that “not all those who wander are lost”.

Yours in the Craft
For the Worshipful Master; Dale Euga, Senior Warden 

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Overseas Lodge Meets the second Tuesday of every month except July and August.

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Annual: Veterans Day 11 November.


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