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Manfred Diel Jr

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Lodge News/ Masters Message

Greetings Brothers:
As we emerge from our summertime darkness, we have a lot of business on our
plate. I am pleased to report that we may have our Master sitting in the East at this communication. By now all of you should have received a copy of the proposed lease with Jenks. Yes, all corrections and designations will be amended in the final document. We will have our Sept, communication at Jenks and it is my intention that we vote to accept or decline the lease. Be prepared to vote for the good of the lodge.
We have been getting wider recognition, even outside this jurisdiction, for the empty chair degree and the color guard presentations. Almost all of this acclaim is a direct result of the dedication of Worshipful Joe Bennett who will be formally acknowledged at some future date. Our reputation is becoming much more prevalent in other lodges along with the thanks and appreciation of the Veterans as well as the active duty service members of today. I remind everyone to solicit any Masonic veteran ANYWHERE to associate with our lodge. We are fortunate to have two candidates ready to receive the 3rd degree and join our ranks. These two young men are truly exceptional and will be outstanding members of the lodge.
My tenure as Senior Warden is nearing the end and it has been a pleasure to serve as such and an honor to preside for the Master. I would like to thank WM Fred Diel for having the faith and confidence in me to fill the chair in his absence. In this capacity, I have strived to lead and make decisions that would grow and continue the success of this lodge, compliment his term, and reflect on the high standards and level of perfection of a Navy Chief Petty Officer. Throughout this year, I have missed his direction, sincerity, and his sense of humor.
The everyday fury and turmoil takes a toll on us all and it seems that there are fewer and fewer moments of refuge. In signing off for this message, I would like to leave you with some things to take with you that if used, will make space for some peace and harmony in your life: Remember that your current situation is NOT your destination...remember that everything that you worry about is created in your mind....life is too short to bother with stupid things. Have fun. Regret nothing...and most importantly, remember that someday, all the love that you have given away will find its way back to you...and stay!
For the Worshipful Master; Dale Euga, Senior Warden

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