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Dale Euga


Lodge News/ Masters Message

The shooting in Las Vegas has had a troubling effect on my soul since learning of it on the Monday morning.

I have given this event some deep thought before putting words to paper and the following is just an opinion of one man....a father, a soldier, a Mason, and a human.

It does not matter what the reason was that launched this man into the madness that took 58 lives and wounded hundreds. Fingers can be pointed everywhere but that has no power. The fact is that anguish will fill the lives of all those who are connected to the dead and wounded for many years and therefore, it is the

living that I want to speak about. More and more the part of our oath that tells us to whisper good counsel into a brother’s ear keeps calling out to me. So I ask myself, was there no one to whisper into this man’s ear? Did no one see any signs of erratic or abnormal behavior? Didn’t anyone listen to the words coming out of his mouth? Surely, there were overt signs that there was something amiss.

Brothers, I ask everyone to take a few steps to the rear and look at every soul in our circles. Take a focused look at everyone and make the judgment call about how a prospect might be dealing with the real world. Even the most incidental thing should be a matter of attention. If you see something, say something. If you have a suspicion, have a conversation. If you hear of some issue with some other person, take action. Even the most insignificant act of kindness or caring focused on someone who might be troubled will have a deep and immediate benefit. A door opened to a troubled heart can transform their whole world. There are several instances that I have had direct involvement with where a teenager was intending to commit suicide that day or weekend when some simple and unexpected act of kindness or recognition thwarted that intent and today they are thriving powerful and responsible adults with families. Do not waste these opportunities and make sure that you tell your children and family that you love them. WORDS HAVE POWER.

Dale Euga, Worshipful Master

It is customary that the Senior Warden, in anticipation of being elected Worshipful Master at the Annual,

should write a message in the monthly notice. With that in mind I will attempt to do so now.
A few of the items I would like to put in place this year are unity and participation, not only of our

members but all Masons. Especially from Masons that have been in the Armed Forces. We share a double bond that only one who has shared that experience knows.

I would like to reach out to the Veteran’s Home and the various other agencies to see what we can do to support other Veterans.

I would like to provide better ritual for our meetings and especially for our candidates during degrees.

These are all things I would like to aim for, but that will take teamwork from all the Officers and members as we move forward together. Not only for this year’s program but for the future Officers that come up in the line and strive to take their year of service.

I am looking forward to this year’s work and working with and developing a strong Officer line for the years to come.

Fraternally, Bryan Martin Senior Warden

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