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Worshipful Master of Overseas Military Lodge

Neil Bowman

Recent Message

From W: Andrew Gold

Greetings My Brothers:

At our May Communication, the Kilwinning Club of Boston Mass. presented the Master Mason degree, Massachusetts style, which was enjoyed by all. We were happy to present them with a limited rare bottle of 18 year old Glenmorangie to take back with them. We also had some excellent single malt whiskies for the customary toast downstairs after the meeting. It was a fun and entertaining evening and we look forward to making this an annual event.

Overseas Lodge presented the Colors for the Grand Lodge Annual and the G L Banquet on May 20th. We congratulate our new Most Worshipful Grand Master, Kenneth F. Poyton, and his Officers. We thank M:. W:. Glenn S. Carlson for a year well executed. On May 24th we also presented the colors at the Veterans Cemetery in Exeter when the GrandLodge placed a wreath at the Masonic Veterans Monument. If you haven’tbeen, you should try to make it. We will be back on November 11th at 10 AM. The detail did a great job. Thank you to W. Frank DiMascio and all the members that participated. If anyone would like to be in the color guard be sure to let the secretary know and he will pass the information along to W. Dale Euga.

W. Joseph Bennett is starting to walk and looks forward to receiving visitors and smoking a cigar. He is currently at Vibra Hospital in New Bedford.

Brethren, in anticipation of our quickly approaching Junecommunication, I’m looking forward to seeing you all. The program will beLTC (Ret.) Kevin Kugel, former Professor of Military Science at PC ROTC and currently Director of the Emergency Management Agency for the City of Providence.

Yours in the Craft,
Andy Gold
Worshipful Master

Vetrens Cemetery